A netizen, who claims to be a Safety Manager by profession, has written to express his disapproval of the viral image of a photographer using a 3M long camera stick during a dark and cloudy day. The image was allegedly taken during the Harajuku Fashion Walk 21 taken last Saturday.

According to the netizen, the photographer’s camera stick presents a real safety breach as the stick was of a conductive material and was raised vertically during CAT 2 (dark skies no rain) weather conditions.

The netizen, who was present during the event, said that the rain had stopped no more than 3 hours before the image was taken and there was no guarantee that no lightning would strike the photographer and the innocent people around him.

Read his complaint here.

“Yesterday i witness an act of safety breach, by one of the event participant cum photographer for Harajuku Fashion Walk 21. What he did was extending his rod that is of a conductive material, which looks neither like a fishing rod or antenna road /selfie rod that extends up to 3m in length and raising it up vertically. Whats more is that he still walks with the long rod up and is with a big group of innocent walkers of HFW, unknown of the danger.

Mind you that the weather status is still CAT 2 (dark skies no rain) despite the rain that stops more than 3 hours ago and it may anytime hit CAT 1 (stormy rainy weather with frequent lightning strikes, not suitable for outdoor activities).

Lastly when he pulls down the long rod, it damages one of the tree leave branch at 2m height which also falls under the breach of damaging forestry in NEA control areas like Dhoby Ghault park opposite from the Parkmall. I hope in future we do not see such people doing rash acts, to endanger the lives of others in future outdoor walk events. Thank you!”

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