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The Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) has urged the authorities to take stern action against an employer, who is currently embroiled in a salary dispute with 20 of their Bangladeshi workers, and also found to have failed to provide the workers with safe and acceptable accommodation.

The employer was not named, but media reported it to be Mr Shah Jahan of SJH Trading. The MWC released a statement indicating that they found safety and hygiene lapses after visiting the two worker dormitories at Geylang Lorong 13 and 17.

Some of the lapses identified were filthy common areas and sleeping quarters that were poorly ventilated and infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. There were also inadequate shower facilities, with about a dozen workers sharing a single toilet and shower in each unit. The employer was also found to house more workers than the eight that was allowed.

The reports first came to light after it was reported that the employer had been cooking meals for his entire workforce at the Lorong 13 unit. MWC found 100 packs of meals already prepared for the next day’s breakfast and lunch when they came. Workers have told how they were forced to pay $130 for the catered food, despite the food being unconsumable due to having gone bad.

Mr Shah Jahan is a Singapore PR from Bangladesh, who controls three construction companies that hire the workers.

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