Dear HDB lessees who still think you are flat owners

Many of you have been struggling to come to terms with your non-ownership status and the easiest ‘solution’ is to reject the unpleasant reality. But by your continued delusion, how does it resolve the issue of having been scammed?

The PAP government has a unique definition of ‘owner’ where it retains all ownership rights. HDB is therefore not merely telling a half truth but a blatant lie when it insisted that the:

And you were so easily fooled?

Please allow me to help you with another idiot-proof explanation to resolve your internal conflicts once and for all. 

1. If you are a HDB flat ‘owner’, then you must also be implying that the government has made an error in stating your ‘lessee’ status @ Singapore Statutes Online. You think our top civil servants so dumb or what? 

2. Is your Lease Agreement a legal instrument or a piece of tissue paper with words that are meaningless, all no pakai?

​3. Are you also saying the HDB website has lied by using terms such as “subletting”, “subtenants”, etc which clearly mean you are not the owner?

4. Do you really understand the meaning of “sublet”, “subtenant”, “lessee”, “lessor”, etc? If not, please look up the different dictionaries below.
Merriam-Webster “Sublet” – To lease or rent all or part of a leased or rented property.
TheFreeDictionary “Tenant” – One that pays rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property owned by another. Can you guess the meaning of ‘subtenant’?
Collins “Lessee” – a person to whom property is leased; tenant.
Investopedia “Lessor” – The owner of an asset that is leased under an agreement to a (eg, HDB) lessee.

5. If you own your HDB flat, why must you seek approval from anyone to rent out your property, subject to even more regulations?

6. Why are you threatened with punitive actions such as compulsory acquisition of your flat simply because of your failure to register your subletting?

7. If HDB isn’t the landlord/real owner, how does it have any right to suka suka anytime or anyhow own self change the conditions for subletting? If you are the owner, doesn’t this right belong to you?

8. According to real estate experts, the fundamental difference between public housing and private is the ownership title. Please read Perils of owning ageing leasehold properties.
You could go to HDB and confirm if the strata titles were transferred to you when you bought the flat. If not, you are merely a lessee and HDB has lied.

9. Have you tried going to any bank to mortgage your flat? If you own, say, a HDB flat that’s worth $1 million, any bank would surely be more than happy to loan you $500,000. Truth be said, you can’t even get a $100,000 loan. In fact, not a single cent!
HDB flatHow could your $1 million HDB flat which you claim to own be worth nothing to a bank?

To sum up:

HDB lessees who continue to believe they own their flats are simply saying:
– Singapore statutes no pakai.
– HDB website contains serious errors.
– Real estate experts are wrong.
– Definitions of dictionaries incorrect.
– Banks are stupid.

Please take your time to think through this very important issue and if possible, discuss with family members or friends. If you still fail to resolve your internal conflicts this time round, you should seriously consider psychiatric treatment. 



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