Dear A.S.S. Editors,

It’s with much annoyance that I’m writing to you after enduring a whole night without electricity (and sleep) at 101 Aljunied Crescent where such occurrences are becoming a norm!

At about midnight yesterday, my block suffered another blackout, 1 in many series and we thus called EMSU and the Marine Parade TC’s hotline to ask that the problem be rectified as soon as possible because many of us are dependent on the Air Purifiers and Air conditioning to sleep due to the massive soot from the PIE.

Each time we call in on an hourly basis to check on the progress, the operator will always give us excuses ranging from “jam” (in wee hours), time needed for preparation to technicians arriving but forgetting to bring their toolbox.

Its almost 9am now and we have given up enquiring as our calls are also not being answered anymore.

Our once well maintained estate has now become a slump after Lim Biow Chuan took over chairmanship of the TC, with strange happenings like fire in condo units and the recent 104 Aljunied Crescent where both SCDF & the MP seemed to be well-prepared for it and appeared on media.

Even my friend living in Bedok Reservoir has such problems fixed by her Aljunied TC in 2 hours!

#MadPersonConstituency #3rdWorldTC #PartTimeMP

Tan Ah Lay
A.S.S. Contributor

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