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In another incident to show that moral decency have gone out the window, a man was sentenced to 12 weeks jail for molesting an intern at a family service centre (FSC).

Tang Wei Ping, 26, was interviewed by the intern at the FSC to determine his suitability for financial aid counselling, but he started stroking the 19 year old intern’s knee and lower thigh instead. Tang’s family had sought financial assistance and the FSC were assessing their application. Tang, who was also unemployed, was also being helped to find a job.

On the morning of the incident, Tang and the victim sat down in a room at the FSC for the interview. There were chairs but no tables, so the intern had to hold the many forms in her hand. Whike she was going through the forms with Tang, Tang proceeded to ask her whether she was attached. The victim did not answer him, but this led to Tang moving closer to her left leg. He then proceeded to molest her.

The act was see by the victim’s supervisor, who was monitoring the session via CCTV. She rushed into the room and immediately asked the victim to leave. Tang had also been accused of molesting an unknown woman on an MRT train, and he also had two previous convictions for molest in April 2016.

Andy Wei

A.S.S. Contributor

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