Since candidates standing for election in a GRC must include at least one member from a minority racial community, its only fair for consistency for such an implementation mandate to be carried through to the period of running the constituency e.g. such as having a minority representation be replaced by a new minority representation democratically through an electoral voting when the former departs from the GRC mid-term.

I’m not fighting on the point that the by-election should be carried out merely for the sake of “ensuring minority representation”. Because in an ideal society – we would be able to see pass racial lines, go beyond positive discrimination, and hold the confident belief that MPs can serve everyone fairly regardless of diverse identities. Hence instead and rather, I’m fighting on the point that there should be consistency in how the GRC system is carried out, as how it was intended to function – which is for a GRC to have at least one minority representation present to run their constituency throughout the 4 years.

Following through with my point, since there is no statistical rule about majority representation, I wouldn’t see the need for an by-election to replace that particular individual of a majority representation.

If the mandatory rule that there has to be at least one minority representation in an GRC during election is removed, I would likewise agree that there is no need for a by-election to replace a minority representation departing from that GRC.

I disagree that a by-election can only be held when all members vacate their seats. The role of running a GRC was made for 4-6 members. If hypothetically only one MP remains due to unforeseen circumstances, he obviously would not be able to carry out his duties effectively as he is taking on 4-6 times his role.

As such, I agree with Nominated MP Thio Li-ann filing of motion in Parliament (in August 2016 even though it was eventually voted out) calling for new laws to require a by-election should the minority member or half or more members of a GRC vacate their seats in midterm.

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