National Marathoner Soh Rui Yong has apologised for publicly expressing his unhappiness with the Singapore National Olympics Council (SNOC) for prohibiting Team Singapore athletes from using their sponsors' names on social media. 

In an earlier FB post, Soh was upset at the blackout rule as it makes it difficult for athletes to get sponsorship and financial support for them to train at a high level. However, Soh has since apologised after meeting with several SNOC officials who reportedly "explained the rules to him".

In a more recent post, he said he was sorry for painting SNOC as "the bad guy" and acknowledged that at the end of the day, rules are still rules.

"thanks for making time to listen to my side and the challenges that athletes with non-SNOC sponsors are facing with regards to the blackout period. We all recognize that the rule makes it more difficult for athletes to attract and keep sponsors to defray training and living expenses, but rules are rules and these are the current boundaries we have to work with.

At the same time, from the comments on previous posts, I realise that by speaking out against this one rule, I have inadvertently made SNOC seem like the bad guy, when in fact they are not. I apologize for hurting anybody while speaking up and highlighting the challenges that athletes are facing.

I do hope that we can adjust our rules to align with the updated IOC rule 40 moving forward, and also include the sharing of social media space between both SNOC and non-SNOC sponsors in future major games. But we'll take that up after SEA Games 2017.

For now, full steam ahead to August 19! #ReadyForKL"

The Council has reportedly accepted his apology.

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