Dear A.S.S. Editor

My speedpost priority (supposed to be same-day delivery) parcel took 3 days to be delivered. And it was not until I discovered the non-delivery and called Singpost to track the item.

Singpost 24/7 helpline (directed to call centre in India) is useless cause the people there have no access to any details. They can only take messages and submit requests. Singapore line 68412000 during office hours was answered by a staff this morning, who kept telling me that he is just a switchboard directing all calls to their call centre in India. No phone number or person-to-contact can be disclosed. His words are “If the call centre cannot help you, then no one else in Singpost can help you.”

So I spent one hour with the call centre, waited two hours for someone from Singapore to call. My parcel was found six hours later, and delivered three hours later. I would have delivered the item by myself and it wouldn’t have take the entire day, not to say three days. No more Singpost Speedpost!!

Jasper Chan

A.S.S. Contributor

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