Dear A.S.S. Editors

For those taxi drivers who are not adaptable to changes, my advice to you is to change a job. The world is changing, so is Singapore. Instead of investing your time and resources to try to adapt, most of you guys are better at complaining and making your life so negative.

You tell me you are scared of nothing? Most of you are scared of changes, scared of technology. I see most of your posts filled with unhappiness and anxiety. Just try to overcome your mindset, adapt to changes, live with it and best of all, live on it.

Put the fare differences aside, who are the ones who encouraged PHV to enter the market in the beginning? I can tell you it’s Taxi Drivers. Why taxi drivers?

1. Choosing passengers. (Location)
2. Customer service. (Individual driver attitude)
3. Over charging. (Seldom happen, fortunately)
4. Vehicle cleanliness. (From pax feedback)
5. Safety. (Safety b4 $$ or $$ b4 safety?)

Just think over this 5 pointers, how many have you fulfilled? Don’t blindly complain before looking back at yourself. Carry on with the stubbornness and we shall see who has the last laugh.

Jacky Ho

A.S.S. Contributor

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