A netizen has sent word of strange news taking place online over the Singapore Wikipedia entry for Presidential Election 2017.

According to the netizen, someone had “mysteriously” edited Wikipedia and revealed the dates of the upcoming presidential election.

Official sources have yet to announce an official date for the presidential election, especially since Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal against the upcoming reserved election is still under consideration by the courts.

However, the entry confidently sets the alleged date of the presidential election on 18 September, assuming there are candidates who are eligible to run against Halimah Yacob, the only candidate who so far qualifies outright to contest the elections.

Our reader speculates if the leaks could have been done by a “government insider” and joked: “If the dates are indeed right, we must all consult this guy for his predictions on TOTO.”

Link to edits of the wikipedia article:,_2017&diff=794636027&oldid=794635856

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