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Two Taiwanese men have been arrested by the police for their suspected involvement in a scam where they impersonated police officers to cheat their victims.

Police confirmed that they received a report on 4 August from a 31 year old victim who had received a call from an unknown person claiming to be a police officer. The victim was told she was being investigated for money laundering offences, before the call was transferred to another unknown person who identified himself as a police officer from a foreign country. The victim was told to key in her Internet banking credentials on a website link.

She subsequently discovered her bank account had been accessed illegally, and $45,100 had been transferred to an unknown bank account. The two suspects were arrested after CID managed to identify them, and investigations also revealed they have been involved in at least six other similar cases, their haul totaling about $100,000. Police did not indicate if the Taiwanese men are here on social visit passes, or long term visas.

Daniel San

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