The fake impersonator page, Salleh Marican For President, and have come under fire from the presidential hopeful’s team after the former published remarks about the hijab under his name without authorization, while the former wrongly attributed those same comments to him.

The remarks were on how the hijab was not part of the Malay dress code before the 1970s and increasing religiosity in the Middle East and around the region has eroded Malay culture in Singapore.

Salleh Marican’s spokesperson said that the team was alerted to the impersonator page on 7 August and had reached out to the page twice, but were ignored. They then applied to have the Facebook page taken down.

The spokesperson said that the team was aware that election rules only allow campaigning to start after nominations are closed, which is why they acted against the page for campaigning on their behalf.

The spokesperson also added why it had censured for publishing the article attributing the remarks on the hijab to Mr Salleh Marican.’s editors have since removed the article and apologized.

“It turned out to be wrong, as the page is not linked to Mr Salleh’s campaign efforts. We initially made corrections to the article, but eventually decided to take it down completely,” said Mothership.

“We are sincerely sorry for this grave error, and have also extended our deepest apologies to Mr Salleh’s campaign team.

“We wanted to be transparent in admitting to our mistake. However, we subsequently ascertained that we should delete the article and post completely, so that no one else would be mistaken in reading it, and also to protect Mr Salleh’s reputation.”

Mr Salleh’s team has since accepted’s apology.

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