A 62 year-old woman was left homeless after a fire destroyed her home at 372 Jurong East Street 32 last Friday. With no where left to go, she thought she would have to sleep on the streets until her kind neighbor took her in.

The fire in her unit was started after one of her daughters left an electric hair curler on a mattress which caught fire and burnt everything in her unit to the ground. The fire raged so fiercely, it spread into the corridor of her unit, trapping her 58 year-old next door neighbor, Rose.

Rose recounted the incident: “I was on medical leave that day. I smelt something burning in the morning, but I was groggy from my fever. Later, I heard my husband shouting that something was burning. We opened our door and found a fire in the corridor.

“There was nowhere we could run to. We were trapped. I started crying and screaming for help. Then I recalled that my neighbour could not move well, and I called her.”

Rose and her husband escaped by climbing down a ladder set up by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), who arrived on the scene within minutes.

Despite the potentially fatal ordeal, Rose found it in her heart to invite her neighbor to stay with her until the family gets back on their feet.

“We’re neighbours, so it’s only right that we help each other out.”

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