I was just physically assaulted by M Ravi. He was outside my office with 3 huge guys. I was approaching my office when he came towards me with the 3 guys. Then he spoke to me. I did not want to hear him, so I smiled and attempted to walk away, then he pushed me to the floor. I fell down. Then he took my handbag, briefcase and lunch bag and threw them at me. Then he told the 3 men that I had hit him, which I did not touch him AT ALL. Then he took my shoes and threw them at me.

I stayed on the floor because I was shocked at his physical attack. Also because he kept ranting and making accusations, all the while kicking my things which have been strewed all over the corridor (my handbag was unzipped when I let it go when I was pushed to the floor). Eventually people who were walking to the toilet or who come out upon hearing his rants, saw me on on the floor and knew that I was being victimised. So they came and surrounded me and told me not to react to him. I wanted to hit back at him too (who wants to be victimised), but I knew that I could not when he was bigger than me and also had 3 huge men with him. So held my cool until M Ravi decided that he had enough (since now there were third parties around me) and he walked away, hurling remarks at me as he went. I am shaken.

This happened 10 mins ago in the corridor outside my office.

Funny, while I am angry at being man handled by this madman, I am more angry at the fact that immediately after he pushed me to the floor (because I did not want to stand there and hear him rant at me) he then turned to his audience of 3 huge men (thugs) and declared that he had pushed me because I hit him – which is a shameful lie. He then repeated the lie to justify his intimidating actions in kicking my belongings, ranting, picking it up and throw it down again.

To those of my friends who are now asking me, Am I aright? My answer is NO, I am not alright. My heart is beating fast and I feel shaken.

I am not hurt in anyway, because I fell on my side and he only pushed me down but did not strike me or cause me injury. But I am outraged at being physically shoved and man handled.

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