A netizen who posted a video of repair and maintenance staff performing their repairs along the LRT tracks at an undisclosed location in Sengkang has been slammed by fellow netizens, who criticized the netizen for whining about small issues and being ungrateful.

According to the netizen, Adrian, who posted the video on Facebook, he said that he was rudely awakened by the sound of hammering and repairs along the LRT track near his home. He complained that the repairs should have been done at proper hours of the day instead of at night when everyone is asleep.
This sparked furious responses from netizens, who chided him for his lack of common sense. 
One netizen wrote: "Blur cock post this things, then what? repair in the morning or afternoon where people going for wrk uh?. This person can go live in the woods, I believe its near by." 
Other netizens expressed their thanks to the engineers and technicians who have to work through the night to keep the LRT and MRT services up and running.

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