A viral video of a horrific accident at Woodlands Avenue 12 spread like wildfire among social media last night. 
The video, which appears to be taken yesterday evening at 7.34PM, shows a black family car swerving at a traffic junction and flipping over before hitting 2 motorcyclists. The first motorcyclist was flung into the path of a lorry beside him, sending the motorcyclist under the wheels of the moving vehicle. A second rider was sent flying onto his back as the car slammed into his motorcycle.
See the video here.

Police have responded with more details on the tragic accident. They confirmed that they received a call regarding an accident involving a car, a lorry, and 2 motorcycles at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 12 and Woodlands Avenue 1. A 30 year-old motorcyclist was found motionless at the scene and pronounced dead at the scene. A man, woman and a 1 year-old infant were conveyed concious to separate hospitals, with the infant being conveyed to Kandang Kerbau Hospital and the adults being sent to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. The surviving motorcyclist was sent to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. The lorry driver did not have any visible injuries. 
Police investigations are ongoing.

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