Singaporean men who wish to marry Thai women should think twice because according to this Thai woman (who says she is an Italian – Thai – Chinese mix), the asking rate for dowry in Thailand is actually $20,000!

The netizen, who says she intends to marry her Singaporean Chinese boyfriend who she met in her workplace in Bangkok, shared on a Singaporean forum that her parents have asked her husband-to-be for 2 million Baht or SG$80,000 in cash and gold valued at SG$40,000, which amounts to a total of SG$120,000.

In return, the parents of the bride will foot a $20,000 bill for the wedding ceremony which will be held in Bangkok in a 5 star hotel.

Her father would be giving the couple a BMW series 5 as a gift, along with a separate house worth more than SG$1.5 million and some of her mother’s jewelry. Her brother would also be giving the couple a condominium next to the Chaopraya river. As an add on, her grandmother would also be passing on a piece of land in Chiang Mai for 5 rai or 8000 SQ.M.

However, the bride was disappointed by her husband to be’s response to the whole matter of dowry. When told of the amount that he would have to pay, he quickly told her that what they are asking is “too much” for him and his family to afford. He said his parents would likely give only $2,888 with some gold, which deeply upsets her.

According to the bride to be, her brother had also paid his wife a very large dowry before moving to Italy to live there permanently. Between the couple, they had both given each other’s family gifts worth up to $4 million in total.

She wrote of her in-laws: “His parents visited me last Christmas, and gave $50 ung-pao only. But what my parents gave them as present cost around $1,500. Honestly, my future husband even told me that his mother keep showing it to her neighbors. I’m not bragging and I never ever wanted to. But seem like it’s a huge gab between us. I love him, of coz. But if i accept cheap dowry then it could be the most embarrassing day of my life. What my parents have asked is so little already compare to what they are going to give back.

“I love him but I don’t need all the troubles. He loves me but he’s always try to change the topic when we come to this conversation.”

“And even to meet the average dowry rate in Bangkok. It should be around $20000 Singapore dollars. So when he told me his parents probably give $2888, it doesn’t even meet the common rate here. Not even half. Also, my parents won’t keep the dowry even a single cents on themselves. They willing to give even more. So don’t even think that we’re money minded. Coz we’re not.”

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