A netizen has shared a frightening experience where she and her family encountered unknown PRC men who appear to be stalking and taking photos of their HDB unit for suspicious purposes.
According to the netizen,  she saw the first of the suspicious China nationals a few days ago loitering outside her door. She panicked when she saw the men standing so close and confronted the man while trying to buy herself some time to lock the gate. The man appeared a bit taken aback when he was questioned, and he gave the excuse that his "friend" stays at the unit and that perhaps he had come to the wrong unit.
That very same day at 1.30PM, another PRC man rang the door bell, but the netizen could not identify him through her door peep hole as he had cover his face. She asked her husband to talk to the man. When her husband answered the door, the man seemed frightened and ran away.
The same PRC man appeared at 1.30AM the next morning. The netizen was informed by her sister who stays in the block opposite hers and saw a suspicious man lurking outside the netizen's door. The netizen decided that enough was enough and she lodged a police report.
On Sunday, the same PRC man returned at 10AM. This time, the couple were shocked to find the man taking photographs of their unit. When confronted by the netizen and her husband, the man kept avoiding the questions and repeated that his "friend" stays at the unit, although he probably got the wrong unit, the same excuse that the first PRC man used a few days ago. When asked to show what kind of photos he had taken, the couple were horrified to find photographs of their unit in a WeChat group used by the PRC man and several others.
Before the man could flee, the daring netizen took a photograph of the man to lodge another police report. This time, she was shocked to discover that her son and her daughter had also seen the man loitering around the estate 2 days ago. Her son had even taken the same lift as the man who was holding a carton box!
The netizen wrote: "Again I make a police report, this time with his photo as evidence and I hope the policeman wouldn't disapoint us again. I plead with all my friends here to be vigilant of things happening around us and look out for this criminal gang."

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