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A Mercedes-Benz car caught fire along the PIE on Saturday morning, forcing the driver and his two passengers to flee the burning car. Thankfully, all three did not suffer any injuries, although the Mercedes-Benz was burnt to a crisp.

The 60 year old driver, who was not named in reports, said that he and his wife and daughter were on the way to a Bedok hawker centre to begin stall operations for the day when the car caught fire. He said that they were lucky, as a few drivers that went pass him rolled down their windows and frantically signaled to him that his car was on fire. He stopped the car immediately and the three of them managed to get out safely.

While the fire first began around the bonnet of the car, it quickly consumed the rest of the car. Photos taken by witnesses nearby show the car completely engulfed in flames. The driver said that he bought the car eight months ago and changed the car’s air conditioning system the day before the incident.

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