Today, I, and many other residents under Marsiling division, will become “orphans” as our MP, Halimah Yaacob, will be tendering her position as the MP and Speaker of Parliament to the Prime Minister, so that she can run in the Reserved Presidential Election.

Even though she has said that the other three MPs in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC will take turns to look after the Marsiling division, how well will they be able to carry out that additional responsibility when they have their own ward to take care of?

Will they be fully focus on the Marsiling division as well as Mdm Halimah when she is our MP here?

Mdm Halimah has also stated that she will asked for the Prime Minister to send an advisor to take care of the Marsiling ward as soon as possible.

The question that needs to be asked now is that, do the voters and residents here voted for her or the advisor? So how legitimate will the position of the Advisor be?

And for sure, the voters here did not ask to be short change with having MPs from other divisions having to be rotated among themselves to look after Marsiling division. We voted for 4, and not 3 MPs to serve in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

To be fair to the residents and voters here, a By-Election needs to be called as she is the only Minority MP in this GRC.

We, the residents and voters under Marsiling Division deserve to have our own MP and not those on loan from other division.

Be fair to the residents. Be fair to the voters of the Marsiling Division. A By- Election needs to be called!

First posted by Abdul Salim Harun.

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