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Soon to be ex-Speaker of Parliament, and latest Presidential candidate, Halimah Yacob, has publicly stated that she wants to continue living in her five-room Housing Board flat even if she is elected president.

She said that she is very comfortable living in her flat in Yishun, where she has been living for more than 30 years. She said: “I don’t see why I can’t continue, unless of course there are other considerations like security, for instance. Because I know it can be quite a nightmare to ensure security in public housing.”

Madam Halimah’s decision to contest the elected presidency follows a busy few weeks where she has met unionists, community leaders and residents, typically attending at least one event a day. She said she has also spoken to other groups, including Malay/Muslim organisations, women’s groups and several clan associations. But the most important thing, she added, is that she hopes to represent all Singaporeans and not just any segments or any groups.

Brandon Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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