54 year-old Madam Chong Lee Wan died after trying to stop a runaway delivery van rolling down a slope, which ended up running her over.

According to the proceedings of the Coroner’s court, Madam Chong’s death was found to be a “tragic misadventure” as the van’s gears were set to neutral and the brakes had not been applied sufficiently to stop the vehicle from rolling down the hill at Pearl Bank Apartments on 11 February 2017.

Madam Chong had been running a routine furniture delivery for Cristar Furniture, a family business Madam Chong helped to run, on the day that she was involved in the accident. Her son, Mr Lim, had arrived at Pearl Bank Apartments that day and parked at the driveway, which sloped downwards, around 10.10AM on the day of the incident.

Mr Lim claims he had heard a click sound when his mother engaged the brakes of the Opel Vivaro van. However, when Mr Lim left to deliver a chair, the van rolled down the slope. His mother, Madam Chong was found lying seriously injured and unconscious near the spot where she had parked the van. The van had traveled 50 meters away from the spot where she had parked it.

Madam Chong was sent unconscious to the Singapore General Hospital, where she died an hour later from multiple injuries.

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