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Police have announced the capture of a suspect in the Ubi Western Union robbery. A 56 year old Singaporean man suspected of robbing the Western Union branch armed with a knife, was arrested last night along Pasir Ris Drive 6.

The police said despite an initial lack of leads, officers were able to establish the suspect’s identity. The robbery took place at the Western Union branch at Block 301 Ubi Avenue 1 on Tuesday morning. According to the police, the suspect entered the remittance outlet wearing a helmet and mask, and armed with a knife. He ordered the staff not to shout and demanded money, then fled with about S$4,000.
However, in the process of fleeing, he dropped about S$3,000, which was recovered at the back of the Western Union outlet by staff and members of the public.

The suspect eventually fled on a bicycle with S$1,071 in a bag. By the time the police arrested him on Thursday night, the suspect claimed to have spent most of the money, including S$24 on 4D tickets. The police are investigating his claims. He also allegedly threw away the helmet and knife used in the robbery, the police said.

He will be charged in court for armed robbery on Saturday. If convicted, he faces between two and 10 years in jail and at least 12 strokes of the cane.

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