I am in deep trouble and I don’t know what should I do.

I have been working in my company A for around one year 3 months. Recently, I have found a job and have resigned and move on to company B.

But in order to resign, I have to pay 3 months’ compensation. Apart from this, I still have to serve 45 days’ notice. Initially my new hiring company B agree to wait for me for 45 days and pay for my 3 months’ penalty.

However, company A refused to look into my resignation especially the 45 days’ notice portion resulting in a delay of my resignation and as a result I could not serve the full 45 days as company B is unwilling to wait for me further. End up my last salary was deducted for more than 50% when I move on to company B.

This is not all. When I join company B, the 3 months’ penalty never come in and end up I have to pay company A myself. I have went around borrowing money from friends and even taking up bank loan. Till now, I have paid around 90% of the 3 months’ penalty. There is still a remaining 10% which is around $1.3k.

Company A refuses to negotiate and request me to pay up almost immediately. Not even willing to allow me to pay by instalments. I am running out of options as I already deeply into bank debt especially my baby is merely one year old. I still have my own reno loan to pay as well.

Right from the start, company A refuses any negotiation regardless of waiver of the amount or reducing of the 45-day notice (my manager initially agreed to allow me to serve 30 days’ notice but later stage HR changed). My last pay was eaten up totally also meaning I work free for the whole last month for company A.

May I check what can I do or what should I do? Will I get jailed for failing to pay up the remaining $1.3k? What will company A do to me? I dun dare to share it with my wife as she is pregnant with my second child. I am really lost and worried. As for company B, I questioned them why was there a change of plan. They merely amended my contract and told me if I not happy, I can leave. But I need a job. So its another bloody lie.


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