What is the Town Council doing? Can ownself check ownself but cannot check faulty lifts?

“Hi, I am a resident from Block 325A Sengkang East Way. Sincerely hope you will seriously consider replacing our lifts here – repairing it really does not cut it.

The lifts have been breaking down on us residents very frequently since I moved here 8 years ago, always takibg turns to be on “Maintenance” mode, and now almost every single week since the beginning of this year.

Right now as I am typing this, a resident is stuck in between floors 2 and 3, and still waiting for rescue. This is really unacceptable, there are many elderly residents living on the higher floors and as such they cannot be expected to take the stairs even when they fear getting stuck in the lifts.

Please look into this matter of completely replacing our lifts. Thank you for your kind attention.”

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