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A 24 year old man who went on a joyride on a motorcycle that does not belong to him, without a valid licence or insurance, have been jailed for four months, fined $1,600 and banned from driving all vehicles for four years. He was convicted of rash riding, causing hurt to his pillion rider, and riding without a valid licence and insurance coverage.

Mohamed Nizam Mohamed Kalam was riding the motorcycle when he was spotted by a policeman. He immediately made an illegal turn, rode against traffic and was speeding when he hit a car, resulting in injury to himself and his pillion rider. Nizam had acted as a guarantor for Mr Muhammad Zaid Razali’s purchase of a motorcycle, and had also loaned the 23-year-old some money. As Mr Zaid could not repay Nizam, he passed the motorcycle and the key to him. But he did not authorise Nizam to ride the motorcycle.

On the morning of Sept 8, 2016, Nizam rode the motorcycle from a coffee shop along Sims Avenue when he neither had a valid licence nor insurance coverage. Mr Muhammad Nashrullah Sallim, 22, was his pillion rider.A traffic policeman, who was on patrol duty at the junction of Lorong 33 Geylang, sounded his horn and signaled Nizam to stop. Nizam ignored the order to stop and made an unauthorised right turn into Lorong 33 towards Geylang Road. He rode against the flow of traffic all the way from a minor road off Lorong 33 to Sims Avenue.

As he entered the junction of Sims Avenue and Sims Way, he was riding above the speed limit of 50kmh and hit a car coming from his left along Sims Way. As a result, both he and the pillion rider were flung off the machine. The pillion rider hit a stationary car and suffered abrasions on his legs, hands and stomach. Nizam, who was unconscious, and the pillion rider were taken to hospital. Nizam’s injuries included a broken kneecap, muscle injury and a collapsed lung. He was warded for 20 days and discharged on Sept 28 with 72 days of hospitalisation leave.

The pillion rider was warded for four days and given 17 days of hospitalisation leave.

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