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The LTA has announced that they are looking into enhancing the signage and markings at taxi stands, following an incident on Monday (July 31) morning where a double-decker bus ran into a taxi stand opposite the Vivocity shopping mall.

The driver of the service 97 bus, operated by Tower Transit, had mistaken the sheltered taxi stand along Telok Blangah Road for a bus stop, according to a spokesman for the Anglo-Australian firm. No one was injured in the accident. LTA said that since 2012, all newly-built sheltered pick-up/drop-off points, including taxi stands, are required to have a minimum headroom of 4.5 metres to provide sufficient clearance for even double-deckered buses, which are of about 4.4 metres in height.

In order to help bus captains differentiate the various stopping points, the authority said it is looking into “increasing the prominence of the height limit signage and the visibility of the markings of the taxi lots”. Bus captains are also constantly reminded by the bus operators to look out for the height limit signs, and have increased emphasis of these signs when training new bus captains.

Jack Goh

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