33 year-old Indonesian maid Noviati was jailed 3 weeks today after she stole $1,775 in valuables from her PRC employer and sent the ill begotten loot back home to her family.

Noviati faced 5 charges and pleaded guilty to stealing over Chinese yuan worth $1,300, 2,300 baht worth $93, and 2,200,000 rupiah worth $232 and a silver necklace worth $100 from her employer’s Punggol Field flat.

One charge of using threatening was also considered during the sentencing.

On 20 April, Noviati had snuck into her employer’s bedroom and opened a cupboard, which still had a key attached to the keyhole, and stole 7,000 yuan. She went to a money changer the next day and converted it into SGD $1,300, before sending it home to Indonesia.

On 10 May and 5 June, she took the chance to steal 2,300 baht from her employer’s cupboard when she was alone in the home. She had planned to send the cash back to Indonesia again but was discovered.

She could have faced up to 7 years jail and a fine for each charge of theft as a servant.

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