Dear A.S.S. Editor

My name is Marini. I would like to seek your kind attention with regards to the recent viral post of my brother’s wrongdoing, where he was caught on camera stealing from a taxi driver. We know that what our brother did was wrong and we have already handed him over to the police the moment we found out about his deed from the viral posts. What he did was wrong and he has disappointed his family.

My family and I would like to kindly request to the general public to stop sharing our family pictures as it is causing great distress to our family. Please understand that some of our siblings are still young and need to be protected from being cyberbullied. They are not to be blamed for the conduct of their brother.

As this is already in the hands of the police, we hope the public will let the authorities handle the case now and allow our family some privacy in coming to terms with all that has happened.

Thank you and we greatly appreciate the public’s understanding.


A.S.S. Contributor

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