A netizen on Reddit witnessed a creepy man tapping MRT commuter’s shoulders in secret while on his way to work.

Read his account here.

“Has anyone here ever encountered this fellow on the MRT North-east line before, whom tried to tap people’s shoulders secretly?

I met this guy at peak hour from Bukit Batok to the Marseilling station. Middle-aged guy, at that time, he was wearing black jeans, black shirt tucked in with car keys hanging from the belt.

His mannerism was pretty odd and he pretty much tried to do shoulder tapping prank tap throughout the whole journey, i.e he would suddenly shoot his hands out and give a very fast tap on another person’s shoulder and then withdraw his hand very fast.

I was standing slightly behind him on a diagonal basis and just as the train was leaving Bukit Batok, I watched him suddenly shoot his hand and arm out and directly past the ear of the person (a lady) standing in front of him to tap the shoulder of the person, in front of the person (which is the lady) directly in front of him (yeah, I’ll know how this sounds)

The lady was freaked out and tried to squeeze into my corner of the train.

That wasn’t the end. After the train left Bukit Gombak, the guy suddenly shifted closer to my position, which freaked out the lady even more and she moved even more inwards into the train, and bumped into another female commuter.

I asked her if she was okay and wanted to press the emergency button but I think she didn’t hear me. She eventually alighted at Cho Chu Kang.

I watched him try to pull the same stunt with another commuter, this time with another person standing in front of me (he was standing next to me this time); he would try to reach out to hold the overhead bar, then suddenly move the hand downwards to tap the shoulder, then withdrew the hand, in a very fast movement, like a praying mantis (the person didn’t notice).

P.S: this is the 3rd weird experience i got on the MRT. I seem be a sh*t magnet or “destined observer” for certain types of people on the train.”

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