A careless childcare teacher in Macpherson accidentally scalded a girl by refilling very hot water in her bottle. The mother has complained to the management but said the incident is “beyond apologising”. How can they be so careless?!

“Scalded by very hot temperature water that was refilled in her water bottle in the childcare center..

Such high temperature water shouldn’t even be refilled in their water bottles to begin with.. Let alone to be placed within the reach of the kids..

This is truly a case of laziness, negligence and complacency.. All in the expenses of my lil peanut.. Share away, my friends..!”

In another comment, the mother said: “I’ve escalated this to the HQ management.. They apologised but this is beyond apologising.. They explained that they just took over as it was franchised but their HQ is just upstairs of the center yet they’ve no knowledge of what their teachers are doing n such can happen..

They pushed all the blames to the previous director whom is no longer running the center.. Teachers there have no heart to work as they aren’t paid their wages.. Since the management took over; is worse than when the previous director running the center..

Good Principal left, teachers left n leaving n what’s left is a batch of very frustrated n vexed teachers running the center, in hope that they get their wages then they too will leave.. Parents who withdrawn their kids aren’t getting their deposits back.. N I have yet to get mine as well..

It’s an epic mess, resulting such..”

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