A netizen went for her durian fix at a Chong Pang market fruit stall, but ended up consuming worms with her $15 durian!

According to the netizen, the durians were sold at a Chong Pang market fruit stall (as shown) and were appalled with the durian seller’s poor attitude. Nevertheless, the netizen and her family decided to have their durian anyway.

The netizen was the first to consume the durian back at home, and found to her horror a mass of worms crawling around in the fruit. More shockingly, she did not discover the worms until the second bite, even though she found the texture of the durian suspiciously crunchy.

The family returned to the stall to confront the durian seller, who did not appear apologetic. He told them that only one durian had gone bad, and offered to allow them to choose another 2 durians. The family refused and demanded a refund. The seller relented reluctantly and brushed them off rudely after giving back the money.

The netizen wrote: “Yishunites or whoever buys fruits from there, just be careful. Please check the quality of the fruits before consuming. You may also consider to buy fruits from the opposite stall instead.”

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