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A 41 year old business development manager, Lee Chee Hoong, pleaded guilty to trespassing into a female toilet to take pictures of victims, and was handed a jail sentence of 12 weeks.

On 17 May last year, a 15 year old Chinese national went into a toilet Mountbatten Centre and went into a cubicle. Lee, who was in his office nearby, entered the toilet and squatted in front of the teen’s cubicle while holding his iPhone aimed through the gap between the floor and the door of the cubicle. A 28-year-old teacher happened to walk past the toilet and noticed that the main door was ajar. She shouted when she saw Lee squatting down outside the cubicle.

He was subsequently detained by the police, but police did not find any compromising photos of the teen. What they found, however, were at least seven photos of an unidentified woman in the same toilet, undressed as she was using the toilet. The photos of this woman were recovered from among the deleted items on his phone. Lee took at least two photos of another female during the same period.

Lee said he experienced a thrill when he entered a female toilet. Lee’s lawyer Peter Ong said the father of one is the sole breadwinner, and he promised to go on with his treatment after his release. Mr Ong said his client had been seeing a psychiatrist since 2008 for depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). He stopped treatment in 2012 as he intended to start a family. But an Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist said Lee had neither depression nor OCD but paraphilic disorder – intense sexual fantasies that recur.

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