Hi Subway Singapore, I am writing in to commend Sock Choo of Subway SAFRA Mount Faber. I have patronised this outlet a few times, and everytime i am here, i feel really heartened to hear Sock Choo greeting customers warmly and sincerely with “Hi Sir! Good afternoon Sir! Subway Sir!”. She helps us check out our orders and she wish us well loudly when we leave her counter with “Thank you Sir/Mam. Have a good day! Enjoy your meal, enjoy your day!”.

This simple act leaves us feeling incredibly good. In this age, it is very rare to receive such exemplary customer service, and Sock Choo is extremely good at what she does best: Making every customer feel valued and welcomed.

I cannot help but speak to her more. She shared that she have only been working at Subway for 4 years at this particular outlet. She is extremely happy working at Subway (she beamed when i asked if she likes working at Subway), and she feels that Subway have treated her well. She is also full of praise about her manager, saying that they treat her really well.

She was not proficient in speaking English, but this changed since she started working at Subway, She picked up the English language by learning the menu, and interaction with customers. You will never be able to tell from the way she speaks that she only learnt to converse in English since 4 years ago. She previously worked doing simple jobs like cutting fruits, with few opportunities interacting with people at the frontline.

Sock Choo amazes me. She has such a friendly and warm heart, and i feel that she deserves so much more recognition for the services she renders. You have no idea how she can change our mood with a sincere well-wish. The Subway restaurant at SAFRA Mount Faber is too small to contain her big heart. She is a role model to everyone doing frontline customer service.

I urge you to recognise and retain such staff. People like Sock Choo are rare these days. They are a dying breed of mood-perkers. Please commend her and share with everybody that she is an amazing staff and a role-model that all frontline staff should emulate.

Thank you, Sock Choo.

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