Following an uproar over MacPherson Resident Committee's (RC) decision to charge local Singaporeans higher ticket prices than new citizens at a community event, representatives of MacPherson RC have come forward to offer their apologies and an explanation for the pricing decision.
Read their response here.
"It has come to our attention that the different ticket pricing for our event last Sunday has caused some disquiet. We sincerely apologize for what happened and would like to offer an account of what happened.
The event on Sunday was intended to bring residents of MacPherson Zone B together, to catch up with neighbors and to promote greater cohesion and integration. As such, one of our objectives was to encourage new citizens to join community events where we have seen friendships forged over the years. We thought that a lower ticket price will encourage more new citizens to come forward. In doing so, we have neglected the feelings of the majority of our residents. It was a once-off decision by our committee to charge differently and definitely not a policy of the MacPherson grassroots. We have absolutely no ill intent but we recognize that it was an unwise decision.
As fellow residents, we have never harboured any intent of discriminating fellow citizens. It is our mission to bring people together and we cherish the opportunity to volunteer and serve our community. This episode is an honest error in judgement on our part. We are truly humbled by this and thank everyone for pointing out how we had erred. We have learnt from this episode. We are always grateful for the support that our residents have given us. We endeavor to continue improving ourselves and serve as best as we can.
Thank you for your understanding and generosity.
MacPherson RC Zone B"

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