A netizen, Jalil, shared his encounter with an 80 year-old man stranded in the middle of the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) on 10 July. The elderly man had forgotten where he lived and had been walking around in a daze until he found himself stranded in the middle of the busy expressway.
According to Jalil, he left work at 12PM and rode his bike onto the PIE to make his way home. Along the way, he saw an orange figure standing by the side of the busy expressway, so he approached it. He saw that it was actually an 80 year-old uncle looking lost.
He asked the uncle where he was going, and the Uncle replied that he had forgotten his address. The old man was standing in the middle of the expressway, alone with just the clothes on his back and his slippers. He asked for the elderly man's wallet and found an IC, which told him where the man lived and offered him a ride home. Thankfully, he had brought an extra helmet with him.
Jalil wrote of his good deed: "I don't think this is coincidental. Its all planned by him. Its all written by him. Allah S.W.T."
"I ended work at 9pm that day but i stayed until its 11pm i don't know why though. There wasn't a need for me to stay back at work but i just got a feeling i have to stay. I kept procrastinating until its 12am," he explained.
The elderly man was sent home safely. 

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