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An ex-full time National Service Policeman was sentenced to two months jail yesterday, after he pleaded guilty to pointing an empty revolver at another NSF, pulled the trigger and later lied about it to a public servant when he was being investigated.

Justin Degoulange-Chua was the leader of a patrol team attached to the Transcom when he caused alarm to the victim, Mr Muhammad Syukri Rahiman, 21, in a police room at Bugis MRT station on March 5 2016. He was deployed to conduct foot patrols with the victim and three others that day. It was the first day of patrols for the victim and another NSF police officer, after the completion of the basic Transcom course.

Hours later when they were taking a break in the police room, Degoulange-Chua talked about the team’s culture, which required rookies to perform push-ups and jumping jacks, among other things. He then ordered the victim to get into a push-up position. When the victim was on all fours, DPP Ho said the accused took out the victim’s extendable T-baton from its holster, and placed it on the victim’s back, and told him to continue with the push-ups. The victim only managed to do one before the T-baton fell on the floor.

When the victim was sitting at a table, Degoulange-Chua unbuckled his right holster, drew his Taurus revolver and took out all the five live rounds. He then placed four live rounds on the table and held one in his left hand. Degoulange-Chua then said there was one round in the revolver. He pointed the weapon at the victim and squeezed the trigger at least once. The accused lied in a written statement to a Transcom Base officer that he did not point his revolver at anyone. He came clean more than three months later.

Degoulange-Chua has since apologised personally to the victim.

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