A netizen sent us this angry email after facing off against a team of MRT Transcom police officers who pulled him aside for screening at Eunos MRT Station.

According to the netizen, he was already running late for his appointment when he was stopped by the officers at the platform of the MRT. He told the officers that he was in a rush to his next appointment with Singapore Prisons and showed them his prisons tagging, but they refused to budge and told him to give them his particulars.

Unhappy and ashamed because he was being screened in full view of the public, he nonetheless gave them his particulars.

After the screening was over, the netizen became annoyed by the sarcastic tone that the patrol team’s leader used with him and asked for his particulars. He attempted to take a picture of the sergeant but was stopped from doing so, but the officer eventually relented and told him to write down his name tag ID on a piece of paper.

The netizen wrote: “SMRT PATROL OFFICERS!!! Please get this into your head. Tattoed people and Tagged people are not a threat to your Country. Please wake up. What’s becoming of Singapore and its measures to ensure a safe country for all to live in? You are bloody wasting your time checking on common people like us whilst letting the true suspects slip out of your sight. Stop thinking straight. Cause it aint gonna get you any close to keeping the country safe. Criminals would be thinking out of the box while you are still stuck in that box.

“I used to feel ashamed to walk around with this. And even avoided travelling in Public Transports. However, I became used to it after my fellow Colleagues and my Employer paid no mind to my tagging and accepted me for the way I am at the present moment. Even strangers like Cabbies and UBER drivers strike a conversation when they see me with this tagging and make me feel comfortable as well as complete the trip with the best route to ensure I reach home on time. Recently, I have been taking the Public transport frequently and feel so good that I am once again a part of this community. However, it did not turn out as comfortable. I hope that my sharing can help improve the way People like us are seen as well as treated in this society. We wanna reform and be a part of you. Please do not put us down cause of our past. We are trying to forget it and start anew. Do not remind us our past. Not everyone commits a crime with the desire to live in shame afterwards. Many People do not understand this. And to my disappointment, People from the enforcement.”

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