A netizen has written about their horrendous travel booking experience with a travel website, Travel2be, which not only failed to process their booking properly, but even demanded that they pay the company 300 Euros for a full refund from the company!
In a Facebook post written by Daryl Fong, he explained that his group of friends had booked their tickets through the site before becoming suspicious that the company did not require any of their personal particulars or passport numbers to process their air ticket booking.
When they called the customer service hotline of the company, they were handled by a customer service officer named Luke, who told them that there would be a surcharge of 90 Euros for any changes made to their booking details. This set alarm bells ringing as Daryl and his group were under the impression that the company was based in Singapore and should not be charging in Euros!
They refused to pay the 90 Euros, and tried unsuccessfully to speak to a manager of the company. The customer service officer told them bluntly that if they did not make payment, they would not get their flight. Despite repeated requests to speak to a manager, Luke told them that the manager would not want to speak with Daryl as "it is a waste of time".
Sensing that all was lost, Daryl demanded a full refund before being told to cough up the same 90 Euros for a refund! Luke then hung up rudely after Daryl continued to refuse to pay for the ridiculous charges.
Daryl then made another call to the company and was received by another customer service officer. During the call, Daryl says he could hear Luke telling his colleague to hang up on Daryl in the back ground.
This time, after repeating his situation to the new customer service officer, he was now told to pay 300 Euros or forget about the flight! Daryl refused again and the customer service officer hung up again.
Daryl subsequently called the airline that they were supposedly booked on and were informed that Travel2be had cancelled their tickets. 
To date, Daryl and his friends have had no luck trying to retrieve their refund from the company.
A search for the website Travel2be led to several reviews which also complained of similar mishandling and fraudulent behavior by the travel company. 

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