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The man who robbed the Shell Station at Upper Bukit Timah Road on Monday have been identified and was charged in court today with committing armed robbery. Reports indicated that the man is a Singaporean, Visvanathan Vaduvelu, 48 years old.

He allegedly took off with S$1,193 in cash from the petrol station at 219 Upper Bukit Timah Road on Monday, after threatening a Shell employee with a kitchen knife and ordering her to place money from the cash register in a plastic bag. The police were alerted to the incident at around 12.50pm after the suspect fled the petrol station on a scooter. He was tailed by a customer of the petrol station for a short distance, before the customer also called the police.

Even though the suspect was wearing a motorcycle helmet during the robbery, the Shell employee who was robbed – a 22-year-old woman – remembered the colour of his clothes. Vaduvelu was arrested on the same day of the robbery at about 4.50pm along Jurong East Street 21. The robbery weapon, reportedly a kitchen knife, was not found by the police, as it was dropped by the suspect as he was fleeing the crime scene.

Farid Osman

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