Posting his thoughts on Minister without Portfolio Chan Chun Sing's speech today on possible attempts by foreign powers to influence local politics and electoral processes, Workers' Party member of parliament for Aljunied Pritam Singh wrote that there could have been a local hand behind a well known smear tactic against the WP and its supporters during the 2015 General Elections.
According to Mr Singh, there are many unanswered questions from this infamous image of a Singapore flag and a PAP Aljunied team poster dumped into the burning bin below a HDB block. In his post, Mr Singh wondered aloud: "Until today, I don’t think anyone knows who was responsible for the alleged act the picture communicated. Many felt the picture was photo-shopped. But that critical possibility/probability was not contemplated by most in the first instance. And that left open an opportunity for someone. But maybe the act was real? Either ways, an opportunity nonetheless. Was it a foreign hand? Or a local one? We will never know."
Read his post here.

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