Singaporeans are sick and tired of being made second class citizens in their own home.

We thought we had made it clear in 2011 that we want the rampant immigration and the social problems it causes to be rolled back, but it seems that after the 2015 elections, the PAP are back to their old ways.

When I first moved into my estate 20 years ago, I remember being greeted very often by my local Singaporean RC chairman and his members. They were always so helpful and anyone who talked with them felt at ease. National Days back then felt genuinely patriotic. We would gather and sing songs over food with neighbours from all the races, Malay, Indian, Eurasian you name it!

But as the years go by, I saw my RC members less and less. Some retired, some moved out. New committee members replaced them. In recent years, I even see an increase in RC members of questionable nationalities joining.

These days when I walk into my RC, I can no longer hear the graceful melodies of Teresa Teng being sung by our local aunties! The Karaoke Rooms are quiet, and the meeting rooms are quiet. RCs these days are more like places for people to ingratiate themselves with the PAP MP and their volunteers. Even these volunteers, many of them are unashamedly new citizens!

Where has Singapore’s Gotong Royong spirit gone?

I saw this picture and felt inspired to lament the passing on of Singapore’s golden generation. We are really living in desperate times.

Sad Resident
A.S.S. Contributor

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