Dear Singapore media,

I hope you can look into this case:

National day is coming and Singaporeans must remember to fight to take back our own country. Justice finally served after more than a year. The news is that this arrogant tiong prof Huang Jing has been sacked from LKYSPP and kicked out of Singapore for good.

In Jul 2016, he asked a taxi driver to get out of his cab and open the door for him after giving him a $1 tip! Huang Jing said the taxi driver must "show some respect". Resepct WTF??!! How can such a person be a teacher and allow to stay in Singapore??

"I don't know what happened but the passenger suddenly asked me to step out and show some respect. He said he is a professor and has been in Singapore for eight years, and that this was a worldwide practice. He refused to exit my taxi and even called my company to complain", said David the taxi driver. In the end, police had to be activated to resolve the situation as Huang Jing refuse to let the taxi driver go.

His attitude and behaviour to the taxi driver is really who he is. Huang Jing is arrogant, rude, thinks highly of himself and throws his weight around in office. He always think PRC is superior and look down on locals. But he is a world famous academic, wrote many books and articles, so he gets away with many things.

There is a rumour that part of the reason why he was sacked and removed is that he is boinking one of his own research assistants thereby breaching the code of ethics. It is said that one of them go by the initials XX (*initials have been blanked out for privacy reasons). LKYSPP should come clean and explain to the public.

*Huang Jing is a Lee Foundation Professor on US-China relations at LKYSPP. He sits of the board of director for Keppel Land and he was a Fulbright Professor. He is also a Senior Overseas Economic Analyst for the Xinhua News Agency and an overseas advisor to the China Foundation for International and Strategic Studies. He was appointed as a Prestigious International Scholar by the Shanghai Municipal Government.


Raymond Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

Editor's Note: 

ASS Editorial Team reached out to Professor Huang Jing for his comments on the allegations and this was his reply.

1) I have been interviewed by quite a few journalist and questioned by many Singaporean friends, colleagues and whom-I-don’t-knows after incident took place and was put on media by the taxi driver. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to offer my explanation to it. Since my response is essentially same as before, I cut and paste a chain of email exchanges between me and a Singaporean, whose name is Andy Ng, at the end of this email. I never met him and don’t really know who he is. But I see my exchange with him on this incident is productive — it made me understand better who Singaporeans are and why Singapore has been successful.

2) As for how I behave at LKY School, I would urge you to call any staff member, or faculty, or students of LKY School, and ask them about their impression on me. I did work with a research assistant whose initials are XX—XXXX XXXX—-mentioned by the email. She is now a Ph. D. candidate at NUA Canberra. She actually just gave birth to a beautiful girl a few months ago, and I believe she is still in Singapore now as we occasionally chatted on WeChat. You are welcome to get in touch with her, and I have not said, and will not say, a word with her about this email (unless she asks me about it). Of course, maybe this XX is not the one I thought. That’s fine.

I also copy this email to our Dean Kishore Mahbubani and Mr. Dane Lim, who is in charge of our external affair. Maybe they can provide you with their views on me.


ASS Editorial Team then reached out to LKYSPP Dean Kishore Mahbubani and Director External Affairs & Marketing Dane Lim to ask if they would vouch for Professor Huang Jing's character but did not receive a direct answer.

Instead, Director Dane Lim gave a one liner non-reply.

Director Dane Lim replied: "The School is aware of this matter, and we are looking into this matter."

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