Hi friends, esp ladies. Yesterday as I finally managed to get a seat at Jurong east mrt, this man (pictured with foot up on the seat), sexually harrased me, tried to hit me and spat on me for no reason at all. I could not move away from him as the train was too crowded and no other passengers were willing to help me.

We both alighted at lakeside & once alighted, he went to tap out first and went to the passenger service to top up his ezlink while I ran to the security guard to ask for help. As he saw me asking for help from the security guard, who then refer me to SMRT staff, he threatened to spit on me and hit me more as the staff got me away from him.

At this point, I was scared for my safety. I asked if I can call the police but the staff said it is okay as I was not the first person he (the crazy man) did this to. He then went off to the busstop shouting at passer bys and the staff & I followed him. I asked if I can call the police again but they said they cannot stop him from boarding a bus before the police can arrive. I then said that I am now too scared to go home so they adviced me to make a report to the police station and so, I did.

But friends, please be aware. As the staff at smrt mentioned i wasn’t the first person he did this to, nothing was done and he can continue to do this to anyone. So keep a lookout for this man.Thank you!

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