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The mother who dashed into a burning flat to save her four year old daughter has said that she would rather die than knowing that her daughter was left trapped in the burning flat with no help. Thankfully, both mother and daughter survived, and are now warded in hospitals for smoke inhalation, but thankfully nothing else.

The fire had occurred on Saturday evening at about 7pm, at an 11th-storey flat at Block 4, Haig Road. Neighbours first saw a young boy crying at the door of the unit. They tried breaking the lock on the gate using a hammer but failed. Four neighbours managed to pry open the gate to allow the boy, about five years old, to crawl through. The boy then told his rescuers that his four year old sister as still inside the unit, but the flames were raging and the smoke to thick by then for them to enter.

But the mother of the children returned to the unit around this time, and she immediately rushed in to save her daughter. She had to use her sense of touch to manoeuvre for five minutes in the three-room flat before she found the little girl in the bedroom. The girl was calm and expressionless, and Madam Liew carried her out to safety. It was believed the fire had started form a faulty washing machine socket.

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