I collected my house key from HDB Toa Payoh on 17 June 2017. In the afternoon, I went to the house with my family and mover so that we can clean the house and transfer some items. Please note that the mover costs us $150 but as the door can’t be opened, the items have been send back to my sister’s house. It was a wasted trip and monies for us.

Immediately I emailed Ms Chway from the HDB Rental department for assistance as it was Saturday, I decided to wait for the reply on Monday.

On Monday 19 June 2017, I received a call from Ms Chway, and she informed me that she has already notified the officer at Tampines Branch Office. I called up the Hotline.

Mr Suresh called me up and told me that he will get the contractor to call me, I waited for the call but no one call. So I immediately call up the hotline again and inform the officer.

I received a call from the contractor advising me that it is not under their preview as they suspected that the HDB gave me the wrong key instead.

I also received a call from Jeremy and spoken to him on the phone and he advised me that he will get a locksmith to assist me. I was informed that the locksmith will come between 2 to 230pm. I waited. Around 2pm plus, I received a call and went there.

Upon meeting with the locksmith, he tried to open the door but was unable also, so he has to change the lock. After changing, he told me that he only has 1 key to the lock, unless I am okay for him to go back to his office to get a new lock. I say okay and inform Tiru about this. I decided to go downstairs for short while and after locking, I try to open the door again but the same thing happened.

I immediately inform Tiru on this issue.

I also call up the locksmith and inform him on this. After that he came back and force and the door open. He changed the new lock with 3 keys provided for me. But now I am not happy as after installing the lock, there seem to have a gap. I told him I can’t accept it. He told me if I want, he can come back another day to get the same length of the lock.

Please note that I took NO PAY LEAVE today for this issue. And Please note that there no OFFICER WITH ME during this time.

I did call Tiru and he mentioned that the project manager will be back in Singapore only on 20 June and they will head down to check.

The locksmith mentioned to me that the original lock and the key is correct and it was rusty in the key holder and the spring came off.

For this type of issue a HDB officer needs to come down to witness the changing but no one came. Wasted my money and time.

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