Dear All Singapore Stuff (ASS) team,

With reference to your article on 1 August 2017, Tuesday, we would first like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. At Fish & Co., we value customer’s feedback and we always strive to improve their dining experience with us. For the last three years, we have been celebrating national service and recognizing the contributions of all our national servicemen by extending exclusive promotions to them. This year is no exception.

Pertaining to the unhappiness that the contributor has brought up, ‘how possible is it for NSFs who are stuck in the army camps to come out on Mondays to Thursdays to enjoy the offers and when they finally book out from camp at 6pm, the promotion is no longer valid as it ends just before book out time’, we would like to apologise for the hindsight. However, having said that, allow us to clarify that this promotion is also applicable to all NS men, as well as present regulars from SAF, SPF and SCDF.

We appreciate netizens’ feedback and we are positive that we will do better next year. In fact, we want to make things right, now. From 2 August till 7 August 2017, we will be extending this promotion to ALL outlets ALL day. This will be announced on our social media by tonight. I hope that this incident will not dampen the mood as we commemorate NS50 and we would like to extend an invitation to your team to have this piece of good news announced to your readers!

Once again, we appreciate the feedback. At Fish & Co., we continually strive to uphold our belief – We have great passion in what we do.

Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!

Warmest regards,
Zenith Ang (Ms.)
Fish & Co. Restaurants Pte Ltd

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