LOL so this WILDLY popular online / IG durian delivery ‘Dafengshou’ (at Yishun) who sponsored like MANY INFLUENCERS MSW durians with many ‘GOOD REVIEWS’, just scammed me repeatedly on durian deliveries and BLOCK(?) / MIA ME ON IG AND WHATSAPP? And tell me they’ve been SELLING LOUSY DURIANS TO THE MASSES ALSO.


1) So I saw some influencers recommending DFS Delivery, and painted it like some sort of heavenly durians. My friends and I ‘ok, try lo’ mentality, ordered and PAID for 3kg of MSW back in April. It was like about $100 – $200? They came in 3 small, takeaway plastic boxes, but whatever la I very qing cai one as long as its good right?

2) It’s a scam, definitely not MSW. The seeds are big, flesh is watery and tasteless, totally no texture to them. You buy those 3 for $10 ones hit jackpot can taste better. I was disappointed and checked online if it’s normal, so some FB friends PMed me that they do 100% refund if unsatisfied.

3) I decided to DM them to feedback, the boss then mentions ‘I go and f my staff when I go back office’ – hinting that it’s the staff that 动手脚 I presume?

4) He honestly sounded nice, and offered to refund initially, but my friend who paid first say he’d rather give them a chance to deliver the ‘correct MWS’ next time, afterall doing honest business right, support local. DFS then tell me his best MSW will come in 2 weeks’ time.

4) So A MONTH later (after some prompting), DFS PM me HIMSELF that MSW arrived. So a day or two later I asked him to deliver.

Opps no more MSW. Only jinfeng. I WAS FINE. People who knows me know I damn easygoing one. Then he prata around keep changing delivery timings.

Then suddenly no more durians. Then suddenly durian reach cmi. Then deliver tomorrow. Look at his replies- ‘idiot supplier lor’, ‘sell lousy durians to mass lor’, ‘wait lor’, ‘you ownself come down see lor’.

Sounded so nice. But tomorrow never came. And he blocks / MIA. Ya ya f your workers, your workers ‘Malaysian thinking’, your supplier idiot. Wtf? While he’s telling me he got no durians, I’m seeing him sponsor all the influencers LEFT AND RIGHT on IG CONCURRENTLY (look at the time stamps) then may I ask what have you been selling and delivering since April – End July? Lousy durians to the masses? Because on your IG and FB page, you were still selling actively.

No sense of responsibility, selective scamming, paying customers are given SHIT and blocked off, influencers get all the GOOD stocks. My girlfriends read his replies also cannot lun, ask me to post, I didn’t want to, until he decides to just mia and run.

So convenient right? Share this so your loved ones don’t get scammed by ‘good reviews’ too!

PS: I’m not saying the influencers lied, I’m insinuating that special treatment was given and of course they’d think it’s mad good! I mean I’d as well ba if I’m given the creme of the crop, so I’d shout out, out of good will.

It’s the business ethics that’s the issue.

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