Dear ASS,

About a year and a half ago, I joined this talent agency called Flaunt Talent. The only reason I decided to join although i was aware of all the scam modelling agencies was because it was run by a reputable DJ and I trusted her. We all did. I was sooo wrong about that.

I paid $588 for what they said was needed to make a comcard. Which I don’t understand why because I already have a professional comcard. Basically, the comcard that was made was just 3 photos of myself in plain white t-shirt and jeans in a white background.

Not only that, after paying the money, i had to keep messaging her and reminding her when would the comcard be done. It took about 2 months of chasing till i finally gave up and went down to the location itself to demand answers. She was not there at all so i just picked up a piece of paper with 3 pictures of myself on it.

After awhile, I heard from other girls in the same groupchat that majority of them did not even get any pictures or the comcard at all. It has been more then a year and I was only given 1 job. The job was to be a party girl in a club for $120 for the whole night which to be honest, i could easily have gotten that myself. Also, she takes 30% of whatever jobs we get (if we actually got any). I took so long to expose her because I wanted to give her a chance as i know it is not easy to run a talent agency. But a year and a half is taking things to far.

I found out I wasn’t the only one. There were 8 other girls that I know of (who knows how many others got scammed that i dont know of) that either only got that same job ONLY or didn’t get any at all. Some of them even paid $888 and got 0 jobs throughout that one year. Also during my photoshoot she was photoshooting a few other child ‘talents’ (they look about 5-10 years old)as well that probably paid alot for their comcard.

Her only update was that she made a ‘website’ for Flaunt Talent. Which is just a flickr page full of albums. Out of all the albums, she had her own album promoting herself with 39 photos inside as one of the talents. How can a owner of a modelling agency promote herself and not her ‘talents’. The rest of our albums only had 3-8 pictures.

When we confronted her about it in the groupchat, she basically cannot give a proper explanation and tried to defend herself and did not want to refund us when we asked and kicked everyone from the groupchat and went silent.

At this point of time, we have already given up trying to get a refund or even a decent explanation from her. All I would like to do is to ask all females to becareful of so called ‘modelling agencies’. Especially if those that ask you to pay for ‘comcard fees’.

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