A netizen was queuing for a cash deposit and withdrawal machine at Plaza Singapura at 5.30PM yesterday when she encountered a rude fellow ATM user, who challenged her to fight after she hogged the ATMs for a long time to the annoyance of other users in queue.

According to the netizen, she had queued up to make a quick cash deposit but was shocked to find no deposit machines that were freely available. They had all been merged with cash withdrawal machines.

She ended up standing queue for longer than expected and encountered a tom boyish Ah Lian, who took very long for her transactions as she inserted 3 ATM cards to perform 3 different transactions.

The netizen wrote: “She insert the ATM 3 times and which i believe to be withdraw 3 times of cash! i did not really see how many card she has on her.. it was irritating for a person take their time and being selfish. After finishing, she in a hash tone: “See what see!”. She was suppose to apologise for taking up such a longer time in the ATM Machine.”

The netizen was shocked and looked to the nearest bank security officer for help, but she saw him paying more attention to a “Talk Robot System” instead of trying to help her.

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